You Travel, We Travel


Welcome to the 2016-2017 season!
Tryouts are completed, teams have been chosen,
practices are starting... let the games begin!

We all know that regardless of division, youth hockey is a travel sport. More elite teams may travel 2-3 times per month, while club teams attend 1-2 out of town tournaments per season. That's a whole lot of smelly gear that needs to be air-dried between games. When designing the Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger, we insisted on a single solution for home and travel. We knew that the hanger should be lightweight, strong, versatile, and easy to use.
We can say with full conviction that these attributes define the Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger perfectly. No need for electricity, you can take this hanger with you wherever you travel. Showcases, tournaments, vacations, Summer camps, college dorms... we've got you covered. The hanger fits into your hockey bag and is so light you could play catch with it... though that may look a bit strange.  Young players can take responsibility for their own gear, since the hanger is so easy to use, and good habits breed success on and off the ice!
Good Luck to everyone at their tournaments in 2016-2017! Remember, IF YOUR GAME DOESN'T STINK... NEITHER SHOULD YOU! 

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