SUMMER is the BEST time of the year to wash your gear!


Hockey is officially over until September... for the NHL. If you are one of the millions of amateur hockey players in North America, it's more likely that hockey is still going strong, either at pick-up games at your local rink or any multitude of hockey camps that are filled with the next Jonathan Toews or Victor Hedman, but with the SUN shining brightly over long days, your backyard or balcony can be the best place to hang dry your entire set of pads after a good washing.

Nearly all of your gear, minus the helmet and skates, can go in a washing machine with standard laundry detergent. It may be worthy to invest in a specially formulated sports laundry detergent, especially if you have never washed your gear before and the FUNK is pretty strong.  After washing, hang to dry outside using The Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger.

When the gear is dry or the sun is beginning to set, store the gear on the hanger inside your home or garage. It is impossible to tell if your gear is 100% completely dry at the inner depths of the protective foam padding, so keeping your gear in an open-air environment for storage will ALWAYS be the best option. Throw your gear in your bag before you leave for the rink and the FUNK will disappear!

Hockey Equipment Drying Rack

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