About Us

We LOVE Hockey. We HATE smelly, mildew crusted hockey gear. After searching high and low for a durable, portable hanger that would make drying and storing gear a breeze... and completely missing the net, we set out to design a solution that would work for the littlest mite or the largest midget. We believe that we have succeeded with The Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger!

If you love the hanger, tell your friends-- all of your friends that play hockey, football, lacrosse, or any other sport that requires sweaty, dirty gear. If you DON'T love the hanger, tell us! It is our mission to bring you the best hanger for air drying and storing your gear, and will make necessary improvements to do so. 

If your game doesn't stink, neither should you! We hope you enjoy using The Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger from Hang Your Gear LLC!