The Differences between the Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger and a Hockey Gear Drying Rack


Hockey players come in all sizes. The smallest gear is too cute for words, while the largest gear is a testament to the strength of the athlete that wears it. Hockey equipment drying racks are made for the players that are medium. The Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger's straps are adjustable in length, and when the athlete grows, you only need to lengthen the straps to insure that the gear is optimally spaced for proper air flow.
Hockey families tend to have more than one child playing the sport. All that gear can get pretty cumbersome, and having multiple drying racks for everyone's gear will take up lots of floor space. The Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger can be tucked away in the least used corner of your home or garage, or even rest on the back door of your child's own bedroom. If drying your gear hasn't been a priority, then it may stink too bad to hang in your room at this point, but give all that gear a good washing and start hanging the gear after practice and games and soon you won't notice any stench at all!
Do you bring your drying rack to out of town tournaments? With all of the stories of bed bugs infesting hotel rooms these days, you may not want to air out the gear on the floor of the hotel room. The Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger easily fits in any hockey bag, toss in a tiny over-the-door hook, and you can hang all of the gear on the back of the bathroom door!
If you own pets, your floor may be dirtier than the wet hockey gear that rests on the drying rack. If you store your gear in your garage, your floor is definitely dirtier than the gear... no sense in adding more dirt to your gear outside of ice time. Hang your gear! Get it off of the floor!
Some racks have a difficult time holding pants/breezers/girdles, the Ultimate Sporting Gear Hanger has 2 bright red straps whose length is adjustable... Adjust it so the clips are just below your chest protector/shoulder pads. Clip one strap on either end of the waist and those pants will hang in their happy place. 

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